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The Department of Theater at Howard W. Blake School of the Arts

The2014-10-06 17.51.29 Theater Arts program combines the best of a liberal arts education with the high expectations of conservatory training for the complete development of the pre-professional artist who seeks to enter a college level program, or – in some cases – the professional world of theater. The most talented and dedicated students find a safe and supportive atmosphere of collaboration within the halls of Blake Theater

Through a carefully designed curriculum and a wealth of artistically based experiences, the Howard W. Blake School of the Arts Department of Theater provides a study of Theater Performance, Costume Design, and Technical Theatre. Through the performance of plays, musicals and other experimental forms of storytelling, Blake Theater is at the intersection of creativity, productivity, and technical ingenuity.

As a young actor and student, going into the magnet program at Blake was intimidating at first. It was startling how much was expected of you and how focused one was expected to be in their major and their schoolwork. The foundations that I gained, the fundamentals that I still adhere to when approaching things as an actor or as a person, are lessons that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to have the experiences that the school offered me.

Nicholas Hoop c/o ’15Nick Hoop circle

Students are privileged to perform and work in the school’s professional 600 seat proscenium theater – the Don Thompson Theater – and the black box multiform theater which seats up to 200 spectators. Both are equipped with state of the art equipment for sound and lighting.

Through the study of acting styles, vocal technique, script interpretation, improvisation, theater history and criticism, technical design, costuming, playwriting, stage make-up, theatrical direction, and stage management the students of Blake Theater explore what is means to be an artist in the new millennium.

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