Tickets & Policies

no-photography-video-recording-sign-k-0207Photos and Late Seating

There is ABSOLUTELY no photography or electronic recording of any kind allowed during a performance. As part of a professional training program, we treat our actors and designers as professionals. We ask that you do the same. The same rules that apply at professional theaters apply here

Late seating, after the show has started, is at the discretion of the faculty. In order to maintain the safety of our actors and and our audience and in order to ensure an enjoyable experience for those arriving prior to the opening curtain, it may be necelatessary to restrict late seating to specific areas. In the event the show is sold out, wait list seating will commence at 5 minutes after the original start time. Those holding tickets, but arriving after that time, will be added to the top of the waiting list. If no seats are available, unseated ticket holders will be offered a full refund of their ticket purchase. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE SEATING FOR THOSE ARRIVING LATE.

Purchasing Tickets

Many of our shows sell out. It is always unfortunate when a patron (especially a relative of an artist involved in the production) cannot see a show due to a sold out show. Due to fire code limitations and in order to ensure the safety of our actors and audience we cannot sell more tickets than seats – standing in the back is not allowed. Please purchase your tickets early. Tickets are available for purchase through the “Buy Now” links located on this website under the show titles. Of course, you can also click here.