Technical Theater Program

Technical Theater is an exciting and growing program at Howard W. Blake School of the Arts. Running one of the largest theater complexes in Hillsborough County keeps us busy! Preparing for and running more than 40 different performances a year, technical theater students gain valuable experience that directly translates to college and career readiness in sound set up and design, lighting installation and design, and building and designing sets. Our program focuses on education through practical experience. Many of our technicians have extensive resumes in all areas of technical theater and backstage work well before graduating.

Technical Theater is the backbone of everything we do at Howard W. Blake. We want to ensure we have the best students Hillsborough County has to offer and we want to make sure you are prepared for your future career!


Interviews for the Technical Theater track play to a student’s strengths. Technical Theater applicants may choose from ONE of the following options for their interview:

Option A: Portfolio Review

  • Include pictures of construction/pre-production work and any photos of the finished show or product.
  • Include any paperwork, sketches, renderings, models, etc. that you think show your BEST work.

Option B:

  • Students who do not have a background in stagecraft or theater design should prepare a typed statement explaining why they would like to become a part of our program.

Applicants should be prepared for a question and answer session that will focus on their interest in becoming a part of the Blake Theater company.

Required Track For Technical Theater Majors


Technical Theater 1 and Costume Design 1


Technical Theater 2 and Theater History and Literature


A Double Block of Technical Theater 3


Double Block of Technical Theater 4


Directing 1

Directing 2 (with approval and scheduled the same time as Acting 2)

Theatre, Cinema, and Film Production

Producing – The Business of Theatre: Management and Promotion (with approval)

Broadway Dance

Vocal Tech

Piano for non majors

Music Theory

Art for non majors

Film & Television for non majors

Students may take additional courses not listed above if there is room in their schedule. Instructor / administrative approval may be required for classes outside of your major.