Theater Performance

Theater Performance

Starting in 2016-2017, our performance and directing students fall under the Theater Performance major. This exciting new approach to training will provide a fuller, richer experience, providing the necessary training for artists in the 21st century.

Part of our mission is to prepare artists for the demands of an ever-expanding definition of theater. While we would like to see everyone become a triple threat, we realize that not everyone is a singer or dancer or either. In order to be competitive, however, actors need to at least be comfortable with acting, using their voice, and using their bodies to tell stories. The old boundaries between “musical theater” and “acting” did more harm than good. Students were being limited by being placed in a category where they felt they should stay. Plays were the domain of the “actors” and musicals were the domain of the “singers” – and rarely was the line crossed.

By housing all performance students under the common banner of Theater Performance, we will be  stretching our artists beyond pre-defined boundaries and opening up artistic doors for exploration in all areas of theater.


Auditions for the Theater Performance track play to a student’s strength. Students may opt for ONE of the following audition formats:

Two contrasting monologues not to exceed two minutes in total/combined length.


16 bars of a song and a one minute monologue.

Songs and monologues must come from PUBLISHED PLAYS AND MUSICALS written for the stage. Do not pull your monologues from websites unless you know them to be from published plays. Following your audition, there may be a short interview. You should be prepared to discuss the play from which you pulled your monologue if asked.

We HIGHLY recommend avoiding monologues from Don Zolidis and D. M. Larson – These are heavily overdone.

Required Track For Theater Performance Majors


Acting 1 & Vocal Tech


Acting 2 & Broadway Dance


Musical Theater or Contemporary Theater (Theater 3H)

Tech Theater or Costume or Producing (with instructor approval only)

Elective or Theater History & Lit


Theater 4H

Theater History & Lit or Elective if History already Fulfilled



Directing 1

Directing 2 (with approval and scheduled the same time as Acting 2)


Theatre, Cinema, and Film Production

Producing – The Business of Theatre: Management and Promotion (with approval)

Broadway Dance

Vocal Tech

Piano for non majors

Music Theory

Students may take additional courses not listed above if there is room in their schedule. Instructor / administrative approval may be required for classes outside of your major.